Shults Project

The fun has begun for the Shults Family!  Their 2 story addition is under construction after months of design work & planning.  I thought it would be fun to highlight their special project and the process we have gone through to get to where we are! Stay tuned, I will update the site whenever possible with progress photos!

The Process

We began the project by gathering the requirements of the family, otherwise known as ‘Programming’ in Design & Architecture circles.  This began to determine the Project Scope. Simultaneously, we began developing a Mood Board (a collage of inspirational images to establish the overall look & feel desired by the client) & floor plan concept sketches. See below for some of our early ideas in rough sketch form.

*Note: Images represented in Mood Board are not the work of Trace & Scale, but simply inspirational imagery by others to help determine the client’s desired aesthetics for their space.








Rooms With a View

Who needs to look for new places to vacation when you have views like these! Whether you need some inspiration for that vacation home you want to build someday or you just want to dream a little, these gorgeous spaces have it all!!!

View 3










View 7

View 6

View 2

View 5

View 4

Outdoor Retreat

As Spring draws near, I am getting more and more excited about spending time outdoors. I love the time of year when things are blooming and I can enjoy spring and all it has to offer! To bridge the gap between winter & spring like temperatures, creating an outdoor space that incorporates a fireplace or fire pit is a great way to get out earlier in the season and enjoy all nature has to offer! Whether staying at home with family or entertaining, these outdoor spaces are all welcoming, comfortable and of course stylish places where you can kick back and relax!

Outdoor Fireplace 1














Outdoor Firepit 1






Tell us about your project ideas or just say hello. Whether you just need some inspiration or have a new building project, we are here to create great spaces that reflect YOUR personal brand!