Rooms with a view

Rooms With A View

Who needs to look for new places to vacation when you have views like these! Whether you need some inspiration for that vacation home you want to build someday or you

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Mid-Century Modern Vibe

Mid-Century Modern Vibe

Whether going for a 100% authentic or Mid-Century inspired interior, these spaces have the warmth that natural materials bring and still maintain the minimalist vibe that so many modern enthusiasts

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Stylish Functional Mudroom

Stylish & Functional Mudrooms

Check out these stylish & functional Mudroom designs! Mudrooms provide a perfect transition zone between outdoor and indoor spaces – great for capturing some of the dirt and wet from these early

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Unique Stair Designs - Fun Stairs

Unique Stair Designs

Looking for some inspiration for a stair design in your new home or remodel?   Whether you like modern, transitional, rustic or traditional styles, there is definitely something out there for

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Tile Style - Simple Elegance

Tile Style

Just about everyone has some sort of ceramic, porcelain or marble tile somewhere in their house. So, how do you pick a style when there are so many cool colors,

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Outdoor Oasis Deck patio with tree

Your Outdoor Oasis

Everywhere I turn, someone is building an outdoor covered porch or patio!  Porches that are either fully or partially enclosed, great decks and patios are all integral components of the

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Shults Project - Living Room

Shults Project

The fun has begun for the Shults Family!  Their 2 story addition is under construction after months of design work & planning.  I thought it would be fun to highlight

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Gorgeous Bedroom Statement Lighting

Statement Lighting

Sometimes all you need to finish off a space is a statement piece – whether it’s art, a cool piece of furniture or an awesome light fixture, these are the

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