Shults Project

The fun has begun for the Shults Family!  Their 2 story addition is under construction after months of design work & planning.  I thought it would be fun to highlight their special project and the process we have gone through to get to where we are! Stay tuned, I will update the site whenever possible with progress photos!

The Process

We began the project by gathering the requirements of the family, otherwise known as ‘Programming’ in Design & Architecture circles.  This began to determine the Project Scope. Simultaneously, we began developing a Mood Board (a collage of inspirational images to establish the overall look & feel desired by the client) & floor plan concept sketches. See below for some of our early ideas in rough sketch form.

*Note: Images represented in Mood Board are not the work of Trace & Scale, but simply inspirational imagery by others to help determine the client’s desired aesthetics for their space.








Statement Lighting

Sometimes all you need to finish off a space is a statement piece – whether it’s art, a cool piece of furniture or an awesome light fixture, these are the elements that can make a space great!  Check out these great fixtures to see which fits your personal style…

Living room birdseye lighting

bar lighting

Statement Nursery Lighting

stairwell lighting    

statement dining light 2

Statement dining pendant grouping

statement dining rustic lantern

Statement Light pendant

Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen pendants




Furniture for The Great Outdoors

As temperatures rise and the rain in the Mid-West slows down (crossing my fingers here), you may be thinking about how to style your outdoor space. Depending on the look & feel of your space and the materials used, you may want to go clean and modern or rustic and solid with your furniture style. Either way, these images give you some great inspiration.  Trace & Scale can not only help with the design of your space, but also with furniture selections & purchases through their great quality, trade only design resources. Give us a call and we’ll get started on your backyard oasis!

Outdoor furniture outdoor firniturw 2

outdoor furn 7 outdoor furn 14 outdoor furn 13

outdoor furn 6 outdoor durn 8

outdoor furn 5 outsoor durn 9



Your Outdoor Oasis

Everywhere I turn, someone is building an outdoor covered porch or patio!  Porches that are either fully or partially enclosed, great decks and patios are all integral components of the home, even when constructed as stand-alone items. Homeowners should think about these spaces just like any other space inside the home – they should be thoughtfully designed for function and beauty. Check out these great outdoor spaces, decks and patios… which one speaks to you?!?

Patio 2 Deck stone

Patio 1 Patio fire pit

Deck + Patio Deck 2 Deck 3 modern deck

Tile Style

Just about everyone has some sort of ceramic, porcelain or marble tile somewhere in their house. So, how do you pick a style when there are so many cool colors, patterns and textures out there?  It’s always best to stick with the overall tone of your home – whether light & bright, or full of natural materials like wood & stone, your tile should blend or accentuate the look & feel you are trying to establish throughout your home. Whether acting as a piece of art or a neutral backdrop to other statement pieces in your home, your tile should reflect your personal style!

elegant gray white preppy tile statement floor

luxe look tile modern mix tile texture wall Herringbone gray tile modern spa 2 modern texture

shape tiles small scale texture tile wrapper shower

Unique Stair Designs

Looking for some inspiration for a stair design in your new home or remodel?   Whether you like modern, transitional, rustic or traditional styles, there is definitely something out there for everyone!  …OR you can opt for one with a slide incorporated (like the awesome image below) and have a ton of fun while getting to act like a kid again – no matter what the design style!!!

Modern Stair 1  stair outdoor Modern Stair 6 Modern Stair 2


Modern Stair 3 Modern Stair 4 Modern Stair 5 Fun Stair 1

Traditional Stair 2 Transitional Stair 1

Rustic Stair 2 Traditional Stair 1

Stylish & Functional Mudrooms

Check out these stylish & functional Mudroom designs! Mudrooms provide a perfect transition zone between outdoor and indoor spaces – great for capturing some of the dirt and wet from these early spring days. Which one fits your personal style?!?
mudroom 12-resize mudroom 13-resize mudroom 18-resize mudroom 22-resize

mudroom 14-resize

mudroom 19-resize mudroom 16-resize

mudroom 9-resize Mudroom 1-Resize

Mid-Century Modern Vibe

Whether going for a 100% authentic or Mid-Century inspired interior, these spaces have the warmth that natural materials bring and still maintain the minimalist vibe that so many modern enthusiasts crave.  Love it or leave it, there are some cool elements to draw on for inspiration for just about anyone!

Mid Century Brights

mid century current-resized

mid century authentic-resized mid century new exterior-residzed

mid century classic 2-resized Mid Century calm-resized

Rooms With a View

Who needs to look for new places to vacation when you have views like these! Whether you need some inspiration for that vacation home you want to build someday or you just want to dream a little, these gorgeous spaces have it all!!!

View 3










View 7

View 6

View 2

View 5

View 4

Tech Company’s Play on Pattern

Playing multiple layers of texture and pattern against natural materials, crisp white and oh-so-bold pops of color just works in this new office space.  This bold design for Yelp in San Francisco, designed by Studio O+A, results in a fun vibe with a huge cool factor and an industrial edge that I am loving!

Yelp cafe

Yelp assembly

Floor pattern 2

Yelp Flooring


















Tell us about your project ideas or just say hello. Whether you just need some inspiration or have a new building project, we are here to create great spaces that reflect YOUR personal brand!